Feb 1, 2014

Bike Ride

"Its time we hit the roads again. Its been sometime now", said Raphae one day… We were in the process of buying the car and december being december 13, we drove to Vadodara on the Royal Enfield Electra…

I think Royal Enfield really thinks for the pillion rider…The seat is the most comfortable one, so far on a bike..

The roads are awesome and the traffic very sensible, maintaining rules all the way… It was chilling in the morning and winds gushed through us.. Fortunately we were pre-warned and had proper gear for the winter ride.

The roads are no longer a mystery to us, having driven a number of times on this stretch.. So, We stopped at our very usual Manor junction - The Silver Miles.. (1-1/2 hr ride from home).. We have been visiting this place ever since it was being constructed. Its a good hygienic place. On the bike, it becomes even more essential to take the brakes at regular intervals even if there is no tiredness so the small "bum-brakes", "by the way waterfall brakes" during the journey are a pleasure to stop for even if fatigue hasn't set in.

Our gear - The Saddle Bags, Gloves, Helmet, Balaclava, Leather Jacket and The Attitude to Live and Let Live
We continued our journey for our next main stop at Vapi. The Bharuch bridge was undergoing some repairs so we had planned for a de-tour. By the time we neared Ankleshwar, we were told to just go straight and not take a de-tour to Rajpipla.. Trusting the locals we went straight. The NHAI team was doing a good job of handling the traffic and diverting it wherever necessary.. so we had no trouble crossing the bridge. We reached Vadodara by 4pm.

Well constructed roads with proper banking and emergency facilities. It has improved a lot over the years. The landscape is undoubtedly beautiful and traveling on the bike is an added adventure.

Thats us, taking a short brake on our return trip to Mumbai. We anticipated a lot of traffic and couldn't have gone wrong with that judgement. So were trying to fill our lungs with fresh air to last us until the next trip out of Mumbai. LOL!

The one-way distance covered was 410 in 8 hours including the leisure brakes… It always ends us making us stronger, courageous and allowing us to face the world head-on.

In many ways the bigger transport vehicles, inspite of being the king-of-highways, have given way to the smaller cars…

Saw many accidents, and witnessed one right ahead of us… The 8 wheel truck- trailer that we were about to overtake, had an old tyre that blew off.. It blasted throwing a lot of debri and stones. Fortunately for us, it was the middle wheel so the truck didn't go off-balance, nor did the particles hit us.. they went sideways.. Raphae was attentive enough to move off its way… Later, a conversation with another bike rider made us realize the gravity of the situation.. Alls well that ends well.

When the mist (read pollution) encircles you at toll booth, you believe it's heaven, for you have come closer to home after a long challenging ride.. When you see the high rise buildings, and the green patch of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, you think life is good. When you see the planes take off and land right over your head, so low that if you jump high enough you can touch its base, you know its time to celebrate for home is just a hop away.. Ironically that hop took us 1-1/2 hour to reach… So close and yet so far. TRAAAFFFFICCCC!!!.

As they say - "The roads to success are always under construction"

All in all - A great ride, a successful trip to / from / in Baroda…

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