Jan 28, 2014

Our new Car - The Mahindra Reva e2o

We finally decided to buy the electric vehicle as another step to our goal of Clean, Green and Responsible Lifestyle. Mahindra Reva E2O is also a clever and convenient vehicle. ;) You will soon know how and why.

On 12th Dec we got the possession of this exciting new creation and design by Mahindra Reva.. With a warm welcome and celebrations we were handed the keys by the manager of NBS International, Mahindra's Andheri showroom, Mumbai… Some memories…

Raphae chose the color and had kept it a surprise for all of us.. The anticipation to unveil the car was high. It took me sometime to let the feeling sink in.. What an amazing feeling that was :)

Keys being handed.. one for Raphae and the other one for me ;)

Were given gifts for the car. 

The staff at NBS joined us in our celebrations… Mr Anand Vaishya, Mr Adil and e2o manager Mr Subrodo went out of their way to help us solve our questions, doubts. Their support has been remarkable all the way.

Now the excitement begins… They gave us a quick photo frame as a token of remembrance of this landmark in life. 12-12-13 at 18:03pm.

Raphae drove the car back home. Our entire family had been awaiting the arrival of e2o and they heartily came forward with us for joy rides which lasted till 12 in the night.. Oh! what a memorable day..