Jan 30, 2014

Mahindra Reva e2o meets the Cops

Buying an e2o is an experience in itself and the beginning of enriching experiences to come..

Its been a pleasure so far to drive the 200 kms… and have received varied compliments from friends, colleagues and people around.

Just near our neighborhood one day, was stepping out of the car when a passerby asked. "nayi gadi che?" (is it your new car?), 
"Saari che, Ketla ma leedhi?" (its nice! how much did you buy it for?) 
I smiled and said 7 and a half. 
To which he raised his eyebrow, doing his calculations in his mind.. the very next question was the expected one - "Mileage ketlo aape che" (how much mileage does it give?)
Now my turn to surprise him. It runs on battery, I said.. He didn't know what to ask next as his calculations went for a toss.. Just passed by expressing that I bought a very expensive car. Saw him mumbling as he kept walking ahead.

Few days later at Andheri Check Post - The cops held out their hand to stop the car and I had to oblige not knowing which law I had broken.. (just had the insurance cover and rough registration papers then).. Skeptical about the cops not understanding that the car doesn't need a PUC, I was preparing for all the explanations I would have to give them and in someway have to pay the fine for whatever reason…
To my surprise they were interested in the car I was driving.. Having not seen one ever before on road… The usual questions; what the car was about and no gear, no fuel, no exhaust pipe, no PUC made the conversation interesting.. never had so much fun being interrogated…
For the first time in my life, I talked to the cops without having broken a law and without being fined.. LOL!

Then the e2o visited the fuel station… of course! not for refueling.. Gone are those days!!  :) We went there to fill nitrogen in our tubeless tyres… the 15 minutes there were hilarious.. visitors and onlookers gathered.. Interesting to find so many people feel for the car.. Their tit-bits - whether registration of an EV vehicle is required or not, about the pick up of the car, space and interiors, its body and the color (its not a paint).. 

I do think there is a big market for EVs… Just need to project it right..

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