Feb 4, 2014

Vacation Mode - Phone App for e2o

Another amazing feature with the Mahindra e2o is its 'Smart phone application'. The e2o app works great on our iPhones. It gives all information that an e2o owner would need about the car.. Shows distance the car can travel at a certain charge, Charge points, temperature levels, Switch on / Schedule the airconditioning, Revive battery charge in case of complete discharge and much more…

What is most amazing is the provision to set the car on 'Vacation Mode'... It kind of lives the lifestyle you live... So, if you are on a vacation then why shouldn't the car enjoy the same status ;) haahhaha!

On our trip to Vadodara we had plugged in the car and kept it on 'vacation mode' using the phone app. Amazingly! it took care of our battery charging while we were away on another destination. It brings down the charge to 20-30% and hibernates till it gets the command to charge back… We even extended our vacation and it worked. So on the day of our arrival to Mumbai, it charged back to 100% and was ready for us to drive around.

What effortless control and ability to interact with the car… It amazes us each day and can't wait to explore more.