Mar 10, 2016

Karcher - The machine with a difference.

Karcher SV7
Technology has reached a point where one can get what one dreams about. Similar is this amazing efficient tool by Karcher SV7 which blends steam and vacuum in such a fantastic manner that it's just flawless. With an option to use them individually, Karcher has given a perfect tool.

I use it on my mattress, in the kitchen, bedroom window sills, floor and it's just so easy to use. The ease of use is not just external, there is no cloth bag inside. It has water revolving in the container that dissolves the sucked dust. So dust does not escape, no cleaning bags after use, no minute dust going to the lungs.... The hot steam cleans surfaces and makes them spick and span.

It comes with a number of attachments to combine steam and vacuum, as well as to use them individually.
The quality of material used is robust. Has a compact main unit which can fit almost all the attachments. The wire fits under the water tank making it very easy to carry. Well, designed for convenience. Very happy with the product.

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