Mar 27, 2014

Strange experience with Money

Today we were out in the city and at various junctions had very strange experiences with people who wanted money from us for some or the other reason. :)

We reach Cafe Coffee Day for a sharing session at Bandra Kurla Complex. After not finding a shade to park under, we just parked the e2o along with the other parked cars. This security guy came up to us out of no where and asked for some chai pani. He was threatening us that it will be our loss if we don't pay, and the municipal tow car will come and take away the vehicle. I was convinced and willing to pay him the little buck that he was expecting from us but these guys was firm enough to not pay. No rules were broken nor was the car parked in a wrong way. After a brief exchange of words and re-threatening him, we moved on without paying. I was left thinking how the world can twist you a certain way if we ourselves are not sure of our actions.

It reminded us of an incident that happened with us in the pay and park at Colaba where I argued with the guy for charging me 100 Rs instead of 20Rs which was printed in the receipt. He took 20Rs but did something to the car's functioning that left me stranded for quite sometime on the road in the night, just a few inches away from the car park.

After a good round of coffee, we headed towards Juhu Beach for the evening walk. These days, a new business of photography has started on the beach. Vendor guys come up with their SLR cameras and they click instant pictures for a price. We had our own camera, so we asked the guy to just click a picture for us.. Having done the same earlier, we knew these guys don't mind clicking digital pics. Its easy money for them. He did a good job. We paid him well but he wasn't satisfied. Wanting to guilt us, he just threw the money on the sand and walked away. We didn't pick it up nor did we turn to see if he did.

Its a strange world and money has strangely taken over all of us. Come to think of it, this piece of paper drives people's moods and emotions, may be even lives. What say?