Jan 18, 2015

Drive More! Earn More! Part 1

Oh! what an amazing Sunday it has been so far!

After having done all that we 'needed' to, we felt like we deserved a long drive on a Sunday sunny morning when the roads are not too crowded, to go to a place which we haven't discovered completely..
Distance Travelled: GoogleMap

So the destination - Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus from the Eastern Free Way which takes us around Mumbai.

To V.T via the freeway :)
We started off from a place close to our home at 50% DTE (distance to Empty)... Beautiful roads, very less traffic and an interesting companion who is also the navigator between the two of us. Mumbai is vast and there is always something more to see and do. :)

Driving has never been so much fun. Saw the un-ventured Mazgaon Docks, the mills and the central side of Mumbai. Never before reached Victoria Terminus station in less than 40 mins. This is a much better road to travel to South Mumbai. The air is much cleaner too. There is so much to discover about Mumbai and also about the E2O.

At a signal away from home.

Started with 50 % DTE
The total distance travelled was 48kms. (to and fro)
Reached home with 18% DTE
Regenerated - 16 kms worth of battery life


The car started showing signs of low battery, the navigation system had red lights blinking, the dashboard gear changed to "E" - Empty and I could no longer go into boost mode. We were well prepared so there was no range anxiety.

Ideally we would have kind of dragged the car home with 2% battery left or used 'Revive' but regenerative breaking had some surprises to offer. The car doesn't cease to amaze us. Its gives us a high.

The next trip to the same place will surely be to discover the monorail. These facilities have made these places more reachable and exciting than before.