Jan 18, 2015

Drive More! Earn More! Part 2

Thanks to Mahindra for shifting their Sakinaka location to Chunabhatti, we saw a different part of Mumbai and had a great, fun filled experience. 

We went to Chunabhatti, then to Lohar Chawl and back. 
Travelled by car to the service station, then by Rickshaw and train to Masjid Bandar. 
Returned by train and double decker bus. It was the two of us and to and fro costed us - 94Rs.

Rickshaw - 28 INR
Masjid Bandar 2 tickets - 22 INR (11/person)
Return Train tickets to Kurla - 20 INR
Double Decker tickets - 24 INR (12/person) 

One interesting discovery was that if we had travelled the same distance in our E2O it would have been even more cost effective and less time consuming. 

We would have made it back with at least 40% charge remaining. 
Total Distance to the exact location 48 Kms + Airconditioning and traffic + roaming around the by-lanes = 6o units battery consumed. ;)

Map by road Google Map

Mahindra Reva E2O gives us 0.50 paise per unit which means 50 INR per 100 units of charge. So it would have costed us 30 Rs for the 60 units for both of us... Even if we went all the way and consumed all of the charged units we would still be at an advantage.. Currently and for the next 2 yrs,   its all free for us anyway, since Mahindra pays us back.

Translating that score.. we can travel anywhere in Mumbai around 100 km range for 50 Rs... thats mind-blowing!

So far we have gone 4200+ kms and saved around 23000 INR yearly cost of petrol if we were to drive a petrol vehicle giving us average 14 km /Ltr @ 75INR / Ltr... It just gets better each day!