Jan 15, 2015

Small Important Features

Exactly a year after we owned the E2O, we got a call from Mahindra wanting to talk about how our e2o has become just like us... It was a pleasure going down the memory lanes and talking about how the car has integrated into our lifestyle so well..

I realised that there are many subtle features that the car has, those that we use on a daily basis but don't register them as equally important but Mahindra has put in that effort to make the car as Child-Safe as possible.

To start with - when the car is plugged in, it completely shuts down and it will not move or start, that way one will never be able to make a careless mistake and move ahead with the car without unplugging.

On startup - we need to authenticate with the key, that way no one can just press the button and accelerate. Moreover, its also mandatory to put the gear in Neutral - N and only then there can be any movement from acceleration upon change of gear. Its again a cool Child-Safe feature.

DVD / CD feature can only be used if the car is not in motion. It doesn't work in Forward / Boost or Reverse gear mode.

It has ELR (Emergency locking retractors) belts for the front seat riders which locks it self on impact or sudden braking.

The rear view mirror has a locking mechanism which locks the mirror in place. The set position does not keep moving as a result of cleaning or sorts..

And m sure there are many more features that we haven't discovered yet. :)