May 13, 2014

The time to be happy is NOW

At 'The Yoga Institute', Raphae and I attended the 7 days Health Camp where we were introduced to a healthy, daily lifestyle which they suggest should include some 'Vihaar' everyday...

Vihaar is any active hobby, cultural activity, some entertainment that makes one happy. Reading, watching TV are not included as it's a passive activity. Vihaar could be a walk everyday where you enjoy the nature around, cycling, swimming, painting, dancing, gardening. According to me even driving is an active hobby if there is no road rage involved. The long rides, drives with family and friends; discovering new places and people...LOL!

So, during one of the days in the Health Camp, we were all made to form a big group and sang this song...

'The time to be happy is now,
The place to be happy is here,
The best way to be happy-
is to make someone happy
And to make a little heaven right here'

It was melodious, then we were divided into smaller groups and each group sang the lines alternatively... only to realise that the impact is much better when we all sing it together..

Its a beautiful day today, and I am singing this song on my own... Join me. :)