Jul 2, 2014

iWork Rocks! So does Apple

Apple never stops at anything less than the best and it surprises me each time I experiment. The iWork tool (substitute for Microsoft office) is getting better each day.

With the new operating system, Numbers (spreadsheet App) gets more and more intelligent and efficient at all that I want to do.. Long gone are the  days when we opened up formula bars and searched for the right equation and inserted them ourselves. The crazy, curly bracket closings, and the hyphenations that used to take the most out of me are a thing of the past now... I am so thankful for that. hahahha!

Check this clip.. Its definitely a great example of their many slogans "It just works"...

Here trying to calculate the square feet area and the corresponding amount... Its all about clicking at the right cells and 'Tadaaaa' its done... I can just select the row I want to preserve and enter the calculation.. its just takes care of everything else.

I highly appreciate such easy efficient ways of doing things and now I can store them all online on iCloud and access them from any device or edit online too ( like Google Drive but with better editing).