May 10, 2014

Extending Range

We have now driven close to 1500 kms. Now we would like to extend and go a little further than what the current range would take us to. We have never reached the stage where we need to use the "Revive" option, thats because we are planning our trips before hand, being pro-active about charging and not even thinking of driving beyond the range and re-charging the car once its outside our garage.

Just contemplating, that instead of the company investing heavily in infrastructure for setting up charge points at various locations, collaborating with Cafe coffee Day's for quick charge points; would it not be profitable both to the company and the customers to have the Sun2Car facility available? It takes a lot on the customers part to wait for things to get implemented - like charge points on highways that can enable us to go a little further than the driving range, or reduce range anxiety.

We drive, we experience, so we suggest!