Feb 4, 2014

e2o Owners

As I look back, I recollect ever since we decided to buy the electric vehicle, our search for EV owners started… to want to know their experiences, the ups and downs they faced in real life scenario, what kind of situations they faced with traffic and the true facts about the working of the vehicle. We, personally had lots of questions unanswered, there was anxiety, confusion, uncertainty along with lot of excitement and determination to take this step ahead… Some people were very forthcoming, some didn't answer at all…

Then, we came across Plug in India and an e2o owner Mr Kamlesh Mallick. His experiences, his videos helped us answer our questions, and we had an outstanding support from Mahindra guys as well… Our calculations and understanding was beginning to match up with reality…

After many test rides and long phone calls with the sales executive about our queries; we bought the vehicle. Hurray!

Few days back PluginIndia shared our reallifestory : http://www.pluginindia.com/reallifeevstories.html

That the 'One', as seen from the flat.