Feb 28, 2014

Eco Points

"The secret to living healthy is consistency" they say. Driving in the fast lane all the time is not only unhealthy for us but also for the car.

Gone are the days when I want to slam the accelerator and race with another vehicle coz by driving sensibly I am not only saving my battery life in the longer run but also earns me eco points. Each time when we drive with an efficiency of 90 WH/KM or less, we earn an eco point. Mahindra says, as we accumulate eco points we should stay tuned for some surprises from them coz its their way of affirming that nice drivers win always.. ;) Check out the website screen capture below.

We have earned eco points by travelling both short distances and long. So it takes an average of the entire days ride. Speed range has been upto 70 kms as well, so it doesn't mean we have to drive slow. It just takes a little extra effort to know the e2o better. E20 owners can check the tips and tricks on their personal logins.

Mumbai is the perfect place to drive this vehicle thanks to the amazing flyovers. So when we go downhill it regenerates.. The traffic jams are no longer a terror coz each time I brake it goes to "regen". hahahaha! We have at times travelled 32kms and consumed only 26% of battery as a result of this amazing feature of regeneration of power. Its amazing how this car has changed our perspective about travelling on Mumbai roads.


I look up to this e2o user - Mr Kamlesh Mallick from Pune. His e2o -"Eva" is 6 months old and has travelled more than 5000 kms.. It helps to know one who experiments like we do. He has earned a remarkable 79 points from his drive so far. An eco-friendly, consistent driver...