Jan 20, 2010

Books I read

I have recently had this strong realisation about myself that I tend to start reading books on different subjects together and on the basis of my moods I continue to read them.. consequences are that I end up reading too many but never complete them for I get involved in one or the other concepts.

Currently m reading:
The spouse by Shobha De
You Can Win by Shiv khera
Management ideas in Action
Shantaram by Gregory Roberts

"Shantaram" has been a great inspiration. It has made me get aware of lifestyles in Mumbai which I was totally ignorant about it. Cannot be totally declared as a fiction. I think the author makes you live through his experiences.
"Spouse" has changed my perspective to things and relationships. There are a number of things I instantly agree with, things that I would want to take care of as my limitations.. Its a fruitfully involving self therapy...
"You can Win" strikes as the spark I need in my life.. It helps me think positively...

But as I said before.. have not completed either of them. Does this happen to all readers?