Nov 13, 2009


Article from "The Pulse" - Gold's Gym Magazine October 2009

Re-living the moment has its own merits, it not only feels good but I can also share some good moments, experiences with you all...
So, it was the 17th May 2009 morning, when cyclist from Gold's Gym headed for a race. We were 15 cyclist and 20+ supporting team members. We were to start from Gold's Gym Bandra and reach Hotel Trident at Nariman Point ( famous for the recent hijack attack) and returned back.

Driving Directions

The group.

There were 7 Pitstops on the way where cyclist could stop if they could not go any further and return when the group would return... Support team of 3 members each were standing at these pit-stops to provide water, energy drinks, bananas or any kind of aid required. we were accompanied and lead by cars and trainers on the bikes...

We started at 6am in the morning, cycling our way through, surprising the people on the road including the policemen who were taken aback by the "spardha (race)".. The road in the morning was clear and the atmosphere pleasant..
We were all very excited about making it to the destination. Most of us had gear bikes..The other girl in the group backed off at the bandra signal itself.. I had participated for the sheer fun of it and wanted to test how
far I could make it.. Didnt know I was in for some cool surprises...

The peddar road stretch..

The entire journey was great till we reached Peddar road which is an uphill. Everybody struggled to get through for it was steep. Having gears in the cycle helped us a lot.. some with great muscle strength found it better to go on higher gear (more strength- less pedalling) whereas going on a lower gear just helped me glide through (faster pedalling with very little effort). Thanks to the training I had got from Raphae the day before.

The one who came first.

Reached Trident where a team of trainers were waiting for us. They made us stretch, lie down on the rocks and watch the clear sky.. that was new, coz had never done something like that before.. it was meant to cool us down for the trip back.. we were actually ready after the 5 mins meditation trick. and headed back to our very own destination... going back seemed easier for the peddar road stretch was crossed at the beginning of the journey.

All of us reached back safe and sound... the person to arrive first completed the 42kms in 2:05:00.. while I reached in 2:15:00.

I never believed I could go that far, but making it back and in decent time made me feel great...

Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did, writing about it..