Jul 7, 2009

When was the last time you played with foam. Remember those childhood days when you would lose your mind (LOL!) seeing water and foam.. I would..

Whenever I would go to the beach I would get that "Bubble blower".. We would go crazy trying to catch each bubble that would get created from that small instrument.. it was so amazing..

Just wanted to experience that once more.. was feeling like doing something crazy so we blocked out kitchen's washbasin.. filled in lots of detergent mixed water and started making bubles with a straw.. we the creative human beings found out ways to create castles, tunnels and caves through that foam.. I was trying to create two bubles in one.. ie wanted to create a series of bubbles but failed.. i guess will have to learn it from a child..

Ofcourse in the end just blew all the foam on each other and felt satisfied having done the job well LOL!

Sometimes even small things provide so much pleasure.. I guess its all in the mind.