May 8, 2009


You must be thinking whats the big deal that she writes an article on her "day" in life...

Well, today of all the days was a good one.. many things happened, both new and bold... the most exciting of them all is that I have 7 guests at my place.. aaaah! Please dont frown at the thought of "guests"!!!! The ones at my place are different...they are living beings, from our world, seem busy like us; running- moving about in search for their dreams.... FISHES!

Wow! m actually excited to have them over... they are my teacher's pets and I have agreed to take care of them for the next coming month... All of a sudden my attention has diverted and is now focussed on those cute creatures that are living under my roof as my responsibility... which is a big thing coz never have I fed anybody (realistically speaking).. :)

An overwhelming feeling surrounds me.. and I am not going to be alone ever in that room... leaves me with a happy feeling... small things in life give pleasure so just thought I'd share with you all..