Apr 20, 2009


Hello Dear all,

The weather today is surprisingly pleasant. Have been experiencing lot of climatic changes in the past few months.. The summers have set in and its really very hot. Mumbai, being on the coast, has always been known to be pleasant but this year its different. Its vacation time here and everybody is in a laid back mood, kids enjoying their times off school and I am recollecting my times when i did the same... so took up  a project myself....

I have been learning to write calligraphy. A totally different prospective to writing. The positioning of the pen, curves and the output make it so artistic.Since I have been understanding and analysing handwriting, I realise Calligraphy brings out the creativity in a person and his moods determine the curvature and slope of the handwriting which plays a very important role in making the entire work look artistic and beautiful.

At the same time when most of my thoughts I convey come from the tic-tic of the keyboard, so is the case with most of us, I think Calligraphy will always just remain an art, hobby and never a script used frequently.Snail mails, and sounds of scritch- scratch pencil have almost disappeared from my world, I believe to keep this hobby of mine alive I need to consciously use it to my benefit.

I think same is the case for most of the languages. Which of the languages do you know of, have lost their value over the time.