Apr 10, 2009


What kind of music would you like to listen to?

As I listen to the strains of "mirchi song.." from the neighbourhood.. I wonder about this phenomenon of extremely irritating music by some composer / singer being played all over the place, from music channels to discos to the paan shops... I first heard it in Surat in a Friend's car.. Why did it ever have to start from there.... LOL!

Why is it that only the horrible songs catch on like this? I mean think about Altaaf Raaja.. there was a time where you could not get onto a bus or an auto-rickshaw without hearing "tum toh thehre Pardeseeeeeee..." Aaaaaarrrr gggghhhhh!!! Some more I can think of "Acha sila diya"......

So why do you think these songs catch on all of a sudden and disappear even more suddenly? Is their popularity due to the fact that they appeal to the great masses or is it the other way around?