Apr 3, 2009


Was watching " The Matrix Revolution" the other day, in the third part there is a scene enacted by Trinity and Neo where Trinity is about to die in the space ship and she remembers, recollects the first time Neo saved her life...

As she faces death, she realises that she has so many things to convey to so many loved ones and especially to Neo. She marks the importance of the moment by mentioning that her last wish was to say sorry to him but instead she confesses her love. It was then that she takes her last breadth and dies.

It touched my heart in many ways, made me think of what i would be wishing for; at that crucial moment when the stark reality of this world will grip me through. Where there will be no space for lies, negativity or corruption and all one will wish for is good.

Some of the things that I have decided to do is to speak up my feelings, concerns and gratitude to those who owe it, deserve it and not be held back by ego, wrong beliefs and sometimes even etiquette. Normally as a child we learn to express, are taught good manners and informed about the world...many inhibitions take over and we lose the real essence of life. in this moment of truth, I have taken this resolution to do, share and live life to the fullest. ( truly speaking i have yet to find out the extent of "living life to the fullest")