Feb 3, 2009

Books over movies

" I have been arrested, for winning a quiz show. They came for me late last night, when even the stray dogs had gone off to sleep. They broke open my door, handcuffed me, and marched me off to the waiting jeep with a flashing red light....
Arrests in dharavi are as common as pickpockets where not a day goes by without some hapless resident being taken away to the police station....Even if I had succeeded in waking some of the residents, they would not have raised a finger to defend me.... There would be same queue for water in the morning, the same daily struggle to make it to the seven-thirty local in time"......

Vikas Swarup starts his novel "SlumDog Millionnaire" by the  above.I never intended to watch the movie. Came across this book and the writers knack pulled me towards it. 

I have always loved books over movies because of the sheer fact that when movies are made based on books, the director takes creative liberties and they don't end up being as interesting as the books. If one has a good imagination then the writers expressions help one form a different picture and not just restrict it to the director's projection on screen.

All Harry Potter readers - Dont you agree? Were'nt the spells, the Quidittch and the entire imagination of the fictitious characters more fun while reading the books? Aaah! u know now what i mean. :)