Aug 4, 2014

E2O Driving Statistics

Oh, its been an awesome month driving in the rains... and at the end of the month we even get statistical report from the company about our drive and its footprint on Earth.

Experience with driving an electric car and keeping in touch with the company on a regular basis in this manner is an unusual experience. They have been very forthcoming about any concerns we may have as far as E2O workings are concerned. With Maruti (the car I owned), I didn't experience the same.

I have realised that its very difficult to earn Eco-Points in a place like Mumbai, coz the moment you are on the road, you have to deal with a lot of pollution and heat. So air-conditioning has become a basic requirement, irrespective of the weather, which leads to more battery power consumption and less earning of Eco-points (check the link to my earlier post)... though people all around are doing a good job of earning the same.

Regen is a boon. We have many times gained back energy in terms of battery power on our rides to South Mumbai. Check the stats below...