Jan 20, 2009

Science I was exposed to

On the 14th of Jan we visited the Nehru science Centre. 
Its a place to be at for all the science lovers, and those like me who like it when exposed to experimentation. The science centre has projects displayed where one can actually try out and experience for themselves what the cause and effect is...

Came to know a lot about gravity, centrifugal force, the vortex, the light and sounds section was enlightening (pun intended). I wonder what we would have done without air and atmosphere.. There was a 3D show that taught us the value of nature, recycled materials, preserving environment, etc. 

The biggest deal for the day was the science Odessey show. They were showing Africa - The serengeti. Its a documentary movie on nature as seen on the serengeti plain. Its a
 huge area of grassland in Tanzania. At the time of drought the animals travel north
 in order to survive.. and in its true meaning its the test of survival. The "Great Migration" in which million of wildbeasts, zebras travel hundred of miles across as the lions and other dangers like crocodiles await them along the way. The narrator describes the scene saying " the hunter kills to eat and to feed its own. There never is anything more to it. There is nothing that is ever wasted". The experience of watching this crazy hunt in the dome theatre was a memory that will last with me for a long time to come.

Looking forward to visit the NSC again for more information, new shows and better experiences and memberships.