Jan 23, 2009

Bhopal Gas Tragedy

A video on Bhopal gas tragedy, " A night in Bhopal" was released in 2004 describing how it all happened and what were the flaws that caused the lives of more than 10000 people and left behind many who still suffer from side effects, forwarding them to their future generations. It could have been avoided like the many other incidences but thats learnt only after it has been experienced.

It was USA and Union Carbide who showed hopes in the eyes of the many needy who felt the only thing important for them was food, clothing and shelter. They were made to believe that this company was going to change their lives and provide them with employment, better standards and eradicate their ever existing problem of agriculture and irrigation. They indeed changed the lives of many in a manner which was'nt expected at all.

Precautions were maintained, working standard were defined but poorly adopted. Thats a believable picture of things in India even if its dealing with the most dangerous chemical which creates havoc when mixed with water or when heated. People living around were not even made aware of the dangers this factory brought along. It was tragic to see the people die of ignorance more than suffocation, the burning MIC gas caused.

After looking at this video, I think it was'nt just carelessness that caused this incident. It was the dream, the hope, the international banner, the sufferings, the poverty, the perspective to grow big, fast through this along with the inherited habit of cutting cost to earn more.

M not providing any links or pictures of this incident coz the internet is filled with those.

It makes me mention all those firms that adopt ISO standards and other certifications to have smooth functioning of the system but fail to keep the ball rolling because it involves too much overhead cost. All units may not be as fatal as this one but there sure is a lot to loose if not dealt properly... be it money or goodwill to start with..

If only the means would determine the end as well....