Jan 27, 2016

Interactions, the E2O attracts!

Had an interesting conversation with the Inspector - Special Force Police Department. It was my car that caught his attention.

Interestingly, he is the first person I met who said, "I want to own an EV". He showed me pics on his phone, that he wants to buy the Tata's Megapixel (which was our first choice too), but like us, he also got tired of waiting for the company to release the car.

So, after all the Electric vehicle related talk, he shared his mind-boggling experience at an EV encounter. The police force had received an information about a crime scene with a car number. They followed a small car (MREVA E2O) of particular number plate. The EV driver was scared, shocked almost paralysed by the scene created and he answered all the questions but he happened to be the wrong person..

So, when curiosity got the better out of him, the inspector asked about the electric car... The driver got so flustered, annoyed. He could not comprehend the pace at which things were changing. The inspector eventually apologised for the agony caused and from then on Mr. Inspector remembers electric cars fondly and would like to own one.

What an interaction!