Mar 10, 2011

Exploring Mumbai

One of our dreams has been to explore Mumbai by the map. Travel to the unknown destinations, meet different people and get acquainted by their cultures that binds them close to their faiths. Its this faith that helps maintain the quintessential equilibrium.

Our need to have a bead curtain in our Entertainment room made us travel to Bhuleshwar in South mumbai; a place where ancient customs fight for space with modernity. This famous whole-seller's market, known for its temples, is visited by thousands throughout the day. The lanes are narrow and extremely crowded during the day where you will find a variety of interesting people doing odd professions.

A great way to reach Bhuleshwar is by train to MumbaiCentral station and then a bus 234 to the destination. The Bus passes through must-visit places like Sarvi -known for its Arabian Seekh near Nagpada police station, City Mall-Mumbai Central, MohammedAli Road, Paydoni. Old mumbai has a flavor of its own.

Its a place for the creative minds. A place where you can get the costliest and the cheapest options. A place where each shop owner has a smile on his face and is every ready to help you with your requirements even if it means directing you to the neighborhood shop. From Glass, Acrylic, Crystal to Plastic all kinds, shapes, sizes and colours are available in the beads market.

I believe we only experienced 1/3rd of Bhuleshwar that day. After sun set we moved on from this neo-gothic vicinity that had so much to offer, , not without pondering over the myriad shades that makes Mumbai a highly vibrant city.

As I conclude this thought and tick mark one of the many places I plan to visit and explore in Mumbai, I wonder about the people who travel to this place everyday for their businesses… What a life!